Saturday, March 23, 2013

Leigh Garner cheerleader crime

A former Tennessee Titans cheerleader, Leigh Garner, has been arrested and charged with the crime of sexual battery and solicitation. 42-year old Leigh followed a 12-year-old boy into the bathroom, fondled him and tried to take off his shorts with the intent of performing oral sex. Garner later claimed she was drunk and confused the boy with a man. Leigh Garner was released on a $30,000 bond. If convicted of the crime, she could be sentenced to more than eight years in jail. ELizabeth Leigh Garner was in the news four years ago because she achieved the status of a professional cheerleader for the Titans in her mid-30s. Leigh Garner seen in the front below, was a dancer for ten years and a cheerleader for the Nashville Kats for five years.

Professional cheerleaders are paid an hourly wage only when they're cheering or doing promotional events. To make extra money Leigh Garner used to work as a nanny......has she done this crime with other boys??

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